World's fastest internet browser.


  • Combined search and navigate bar, quick-hides, different design


    World's fastest internet browser.

    World's fastest internet browser. TeddySoft SecretBrowser 6 RC1 is the best. You can browse the web in a completly new style, and have the features that you are in need at your fingertips. Moreover, you can set up a Gmail account in settings and you can send emails when you're browsing the web.

    Having some new features like: Quick-hide-and-reopen, quick-hide-and-repassword, lock with/without password, different design, customizable default search engine, quick mail feature, etc

    A user who wants to surf the internet in a different way than other browsers do.

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    User reviews about SecretBrowser

    • Teodor Cristian

      by Teodor Cristian

      "Removal fix"

      In order to uninstall the program, you need to have the .NET Framework 4 installed correctly. This happens because t...   More.

    • Anna11123

      by Anna11123

      "help with removing secretbrowser"

      l cant remove secrtbrowser why? it says there is a problem with this windows installer package. A program run as part...   More.